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When The Lord Visited


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People talk with excitements when opportune to visit Presidents, Heads of Nations, Royalties, even influential personalities of society. But their experiences are more exciting when they are visited by a President or Royalty.

How much blessed will a Child of God be when the King of Kings, Lord of Lords Jesus Christ personally visits: not once but severally, inexplicably enormous?

In this book, the author unveils his experiences with the Lord Jesus Christ, who visited him severally within 100 days. As you open the pages of this book, the centre of gravity of your understanding of some Bible truths is about to be re-adjusted. You will find a treasure of knowledge, which will re-arrange your insights of certain Biblical truths:

The Lord’s immeasurable love for you.
Things you do that breaks the Lord’s heart.
Things you do that gladdens His heart.
The truth, that some believers may not wear the crown of righteousness at the end
Jesus knows you by name before you were born.
The nearness of the second coming of the Lord.


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