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Jesus Christ Power World Evangelisim

(JCPWE) is essentially a soul- winning ministry. Since its inception in 1995, it has held citywide and rural evangelistic meetings in Nigeria and numerous countries worldwide. Reaching the lost at all cost is the passion of Evangelist John Deby Edukugho, the chief servant.

Emulating the compassionate ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ , JCPWE also indulges in Humanitarian services to Widows, Orphanages and the less privileged; JCPWE also has one of the fastest growing DELIVERANCE MINISTRY in Africa, ministering deliverance to those who have been demonic oppressed and afflicted. Thousands of Christians from Asia, USA, Europe and African Countries countries have benefited.


To proclaim Jesus as the Lord and Saviour of mankind in all nations presenting Him as the only hope to a hopeless and lost world.
Ministering the abundant grace and love of Christ in meeting the spiritual, physical, material and emotional needs of mankind.
To offer training and encouragement to Christians who have been called into the ministry of an evangelist.
To collaborate with Churches and Ministries worldwide in encouraging and enforcing evangelism in order to give priority to the GREAT COMMISSION of our Lord Jesus Christ.


To proclaim and accelerate the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to all nations at all cost.


We want to preach the good news about the saving grace and love of Christ to all mankind; offer healing ministration to those who are physically and emotionally sick; set free those who are in physical and spiritual bondage; spread the knowledge of Christ and proclaim His eternal excellencies worldwide. Offer humanitarian services to help the poor, less privileged in society especially orphans and widows. Print and distribute Christian literatures.

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