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John Deby Edukugho  came to know the Lord Jesus Christ personally as his Saviour after a one-on-one supernatural encounter with Jesus Christ in August 1985.

John Deby Edukugho is NOTHING and has NOTHING except Christ. His glory is the bleeding Lamb of God – Jesus Christ that was slain but now glorified. The life John Deby lives is not his, but Christ that lives in him. His boast is in the Lord God Almighty who has shown him great and unusual kindness by setting him apart right from his mother womb unto Himself, to be His Prophet to all Nations and World Missionary Evangelist.

Through God’s sufficient grace he has organized soul winning evangelistic crusades, church leaders and youth conferences in various nations globally. He is the President of Jesus Christ Power World Evangelism and also the Vice – Chancellor of Halleluyah Academy of World Evangelism (An institution for training Evangelist and Missionaries). He is a family man. Blessed be the name of the Lord Most High. Amen.

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