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The Church is saved to save. Hence, a new believer, when he is converted is not retired to heaven but is recruited into the reconciliation army, as he himself continues to mature in faith. Nevertheless, our low measurement of how much and how well the Church has fared in fulfilling its reconciliatory responsibility is why we persuade you (your church) to participate in our alternative offering.

Halleluyah Academy of World Evangelism (HAWE) is an international school of evangelism based in Lagos, Nigeria. HAWE is open to scholars from all denominations across the world. We are one of the very few Christian Bible Schools that trains 21st century evangelists and missionaries. Since its inception, the academy has trained so many students; each of whom will testify of the quality of our facilitators, curriculum and the entire learning process. The result of which has brought tremendous growth to the Kingdom of God and the churches and ministries who have gone through the HAWE experience.

HAWE offers basic, intermediate and advance certificates in evangelism. The programs are put together to develop the well-rounded professional in skill and spirit. Some common items from our course outline include:

  • Fundamentals of Evangelism
  • Sharing your Faith
  • Prayer and Humanitarian Service
  • Biblical Foundation
  • The Study of Holiness
  • Comparative Religion

Programs in HAWE are open to missionaries, ministers, aspiring ministers, church workers, members, etc, involved in witnessing to the unsaved. We humbly request enrollments.

Forms are available at the HAWE office (see our address at the top of the page), we anticipate hearing from you.

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